Tracking biodiversity trajectories and modelling ecosystems dynamics through a data mining approach

Patterning past or recent ecosystems dynamics, climate fluctuations or biodiversity trajectories are a key-issue to palaeoenvironmental and environmental researches, which provide large and heterogeneous databases with temporal relationships between components. Data mining methods are appropriate for this task and Mobipaleo aims to make data mining methods more accessible to a wider audience, in particular in socio-environmental sciences.

The online tool MOBIPALEO is based on an innovative approach of time constrained data mining. The overall objectives are to:

  1. accelerate and improve the cross-check of the relationships between different multi-variate indicators;
  2. identify ecological correlations of groups of key-proxies and specific multivariate bio-indicators to explore their potential as early warning signals of tipping points in the ecosystems dynamics;
  3. rapidly extract temporal series from the large data set.

Mobipaleo is adapted to all kind of socio-ecological issues and large databases, with temporal relationships between components.

MOBIPALEO is open access (after a free registration) and respectful of user data, ownership and privacy.

To know how to use online tool MOBI-PALEO please read tutorial

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